Investing in a company
that lives up to its name

Insimbi, like the metals that have given us a strong business foundation, has proven its ability to transform under pressure without reaching a breaking point. The longer-term performance of Insimbi, which listed in 2008, displays a remarkable operational consistency in sometimes difficult market conditions, rarely skipping a dividend.

We invite you to download our latest Integrated Annual Financial Report for a comprehensive account of our group of companies. We trust that the information shared in this report will answer any questions that you may have as a current or potential investor. We would like to highlight a few key considerations while your report is downloading.


Our approach to risk

Insimbi recognises that risk is inevitable in business and that it goes hand in hand with opportunity. We have established a risk management system that allows us to pursue business opportunities and grow shareholder value, monitor risk in our investments and develop and protect our people and the environment in which our group operates.

Corporate Governance

The Insimbi board acknowledges its responsibility for ensuring that the principles of good governance are observed and incorporated into the operational management of the group. The board is furthermore committed to ensuring that principles of good governance permeates our organisation so that operations are conducted in an efficient, ethical and sustainable manner.

Ethical Codes and Values

Insimbi’s commitment to ethical practices is paramount and permeates all aspects of our business. We have a clear set of values and behavioural code of conduct which requires staff to display integrity, mutual respect and openness at all times, and affords them the right and obligation to challenge others who are not adhering to these values.


Transformation will always remain a priority on our agenda. In recognition of the importance of employee ownership, as well as the need to reward and incentivise management, Insimbi EmployeeCo Proprietary Limited and Insimbi ManCo Proprietary Limited were established and employees and management were offered the opportunity to acquire shares in the schemes.

In 2016, the four founding executives of Insimbi sold equal portions of their shareholding in Insimbi to New Seasons Invest Holdings Proprietary Limited. New Seasons is an established black owned and managed investment holding company and is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

The impact of EmployeeCo, ManCo and New Seasons has resulted in a broad based black ownership in Insimbi of over 28%.


At Insimbi, we focus on the sustainability of all capital types in order to have a positive impact on all facets of the world around us.

  • Natural capital: We strive to lower our environmental impact on water, raw material and electricity usage as well as to maximum demand usage and fossil fuel usage.
  • Financial capital: We are well positioned to continue to positively impact the future of South Africa. We will achieve this through capital investment and the creation of manufacturing jobs.
  • Social capital: We believe that our business can contribute to the upliftment of communities through long term sustainability of our economy, growth and job creation.
  • Human capital: We enhance our human capital through the continuous improvement and application of health and safety compliance, skills development, intellectual outputs, motivation and engagement with employees.
  • Manufacturing capital: We enhance and sustain our manufactured capital using our resources most efficiently; and devising technology and management systems that reduce our waste emissions.

An investment in the future

Investing in Insimbi is an investment in a company with a solid history and strategic future. Just as a metal maintains its character over the test of time, so we will retain the characteristics that have defined us as Insimbi.