The nature of our company lies tucked away securely in the name, Insimbi. The word “Insimbi” itself is the Zulu word for metal, representing an entity which is durable and long-lasting.

Our company name was derived from the Zulu phrase “Insimbi Kayigobi”, meaning that we are trusted as “one that is made of metal and does not bend under the heat”.

The name was specifically chosen to reflect our pride in our South African roots and signifies our commitment to creating a company that is truly representative of the land that birthed us.

Defining our business

The Insimbi business is not one that we can describe in a sentence. In our early days, it would have been easy to define our company as a supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys to the South African market. However, this has changed significantly.

We are now able to divide our offering into four distinct segments.

Ferrous alloys

Our ferrous segment supplies ferrous alloys to the steel and stainless steel industry locally, regionally and globally. This segment also includes the recycling and resale of ferrous scrap metals.

Non-ferrous alloys

Our non-ferrous segment supplies non-ferrous alloys to the steel and stainless steel industry locally, regionally and globally and includes the recycling and resale of non-ferrous scrap metals.

Refractory materials

Our refractory segment specialises in the supply of high quality and highly specialised ceramic refractory linings to the cement, paper and pulp, steel and platinum industries.


Our plastics segment specialises in the blow-moulding and roto moulding of plastic containers for the chemical, agricultural and food industries.

Over the past decades, we have developed our core expertise with the ability to source and provide local, regional and global industrial consumers with the required commodity over four distinct segments.

What we actually do

In an oversimplified way, we can define what Insimbi does in a few short statements:

  • We source, buy, package, process, store and resell ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
  • We source, buy, package, process, store and resell refractory materials.
  • We collect, sort, process, recycle and re-sell ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.
  • We design, mould, manufacture and sell blow moulded and roto moulded plastic containers.
  • We provide the technical, mechanical and export support needed by our clients to get the best value from our materials.

We do all of this through a group of companies that support and complement each other and with employees who are skilled, experienced, committed and driven to deliver the best service possible.