Metlite Alloys is a Cape Town-based secondary aluminium smelter. We specialise in the production of high-quality aluminium products such as alloy ingots, pellets, nuggets and sacrificial anodes, producing approximately 400 tons of product per month. We are a globally competitive company and a reputable second tier supplier to all the major automotive component manufacturers in South Africa and abroad


We currently produce the following specs for our aluminium-based alloys:

  • Various deoxidant grades
  • Most of the ADC grades
  • Most of the LM grades
  • GAL Si9-Cu3

By approaching Metlite Alloys, clients can be assured of excellent quality products, competitive pricing, flexibility in lead time, and excellent service at all times.


We manufacture alloys to all international specifications and also to your unique own specifications.
Our production methods for aluminum products ensure that our metal is oxide and gas free.


We manufacture a wide range of aluminum products including dry cast de-oxidant aluminium pellets. Dry cast pellets are superior in quality in comparison to wet cast pellets. They are also safer to re-melt having never come into contact with water in the manufacturing process. Pellets are packed and shipped in 1ton bulk bag.


We manufacture de-oxidant aluminium Nuggets. These nuggets are used in the steel production and purification process and are an average weight of 150g each. Nuggets are packed and shipped in 1ton bulk bags.

Sacrificial Anodes

We offer the marine industry a range of sacrificial anodes using only high-grade primary aluminum products. These are commonly used for ship hull and ballast tank protection. Our short lead times helps ensure quick delivery to vessels in dry dock. Standard stock anodes include various shapes, rectangular, pear, square and doughnut. Weights range from 1 kg to 40kg.

We also supply custom made anodes to your specification and for any application. Examples of our product applications include under sea pipes, sea pylons and oil rigs. We have previously cast custom anodes from 20kg up to 150kg. Our services include design, mould construction and casting.

The Metlite Plant

Our plant produces aluminum products and is fully environmentally compliant in terms of the Air Emissions legislation and is accredited for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Our modern laboratory facilities help ensure the efficient analytical control in terms of chemical and physical excellence that we pride ourselves in.

Our location gives us easy and cost-effective ways to produce quality metlite alloys.